Wednesday, 21 December 2011

High Noon Tour Days 33-34

Days  33 and 34.

With the shows in Perth cancelled we have no reason to go there so the homeward flights are brought forward. I decide to stay out until Xmas to try and blag a couple of acoustic gigs, find the elusive sun and maybe write some music in a different setting. The other guys get booked on a last minute flight and are right now in the air somewhere over Asia, winging their way home with Lamont no doubt eating his body weight in aeroplane food.
The tour has had incredible highs and some sad lows, but we have done it. We have brought our music to the other side of the world, made friends, fans and hopefully established ourselves enough to do it all again in the near future. The emotions have been intense at times and I have kept some the details out of the diary as I need to let some things fester so i can write them into songs at a later date. Like a fine wine that reaches maturity, then goes bitter...that’s when we uncork it, add a riff and press record.
Happy Christmas and Happy New Year. Until next time.

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