Tuesday, 20 December 2011

High Noon Tour Day 32

Day 32  11/12/11
I’m not totally sure I have my dates and days 100% right with this diary, but with the odd event being recorded on the wrong day the actual sequence is pretty much spot on.
We have a show tonight at The Annandale, right near the hotel. Its to be our last in Sydney, but the day looks beautiful so before worrying about the gig we decide to make the most of the weather and head to Bondi. It has rained constantly during our time here, but this morning was incredible and set to be a scorcher, however on arriving at Bondi we see one of the most amazing, fake looking storm clouds i have ever seen, and before you know it its raining, very hard indeed. We go and drop Mike’s guitar back to him on the way back to the hotel wondering what it is we have done to anger the rain gods.
The gig is an all-dayer, with us on early evening. A couple of local bands kindly lend us some gear and we play a respectable set before going for dinner.
It seems that most of the Aussie pubs have a book makers section in them. Drinking and gambling clearly going hand in hand. This pub is no exception, but with no money to place bets we end up just trying to pick winners for fun from the vast array of sports and races beemed from across the world. Dog racing from Singapore, horses from the west coast, horse and cart racing from somewhere else, football from Asia....gambling addiction must be rife here.

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