Tuesday, 20 December 2011

High Noon tour Day 31

Day 31  10/12/11

Tonight’s gig as at Oxford Art’s Factory, right in Darlinghurst, the scene of last night’s bad bar choices. It seems we should have chosen this place as its a cool little venue with good sound, good people and the other bands are damn good too.
Outside we see a sunglasses (at night) wearing Asian guy filing a pop video. He’s dancing along the street with the camera man trying not to fall over the people in his way. This little stretch of town seems slightly more alternative and if they manage ot get a shot without some hairy rocker in the background giving the finger i’ll be surprised. I just admire the guys guts to get out and dance like such an idiot without any apparent discomfort. There’s no way i could do it, that’s for sure.
After the gig a couple of us go to a bar called Gaslight. It has a roof terrace and its from there that i can see the moon which appears to have a black bruise in its side. I had no idea but apparently there’s to be a lunar eclipse tonight and here I am in the perfect place to see it. A cheer goes up when it appears totally eclipsed only for it to die down when people realise that last, somewhat faster covering was in fact cloud. Eventually the moon disappears and I suddenly think i ought to call Si. He is back at the hotel and missing out on something I’m sure he’d like. He seems enthused by my call and I feel a little pleasure in spreading the joy. Its not until i see him properly a day later that i ask him if he saw the lunar eclipse. With no sense of irony he said “I went outside and looked, but couldn’t see the moon at all.” No-one else found this funny, but its shit like that that really tickles me.

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