Friday, 16 December 2011

High Noon Tour Day 30.

Day 30  9/12/11

Mike is a musician who has forged a successful path in both the UK and Australia, right now he is in Bondi and that’s where i drive with Si. On the way we get a call about picking up another guitar in a different part of town so go to do that first. However we arrive at the shop and get told the hire department is elsewhere. After far too long we finally get the damn thing, needed for tonight’s acoustic gig and manage to get to Mike’s before he heads of to play his own show.
We relate our tale to him, of the Asian tour, of arriving in Oz and of the ups and downs since we got here. Telling it to someone else somehow clarifies in my mind what i said before about feeling a little down, but knowing really i’m still very lucky. Mike recounts a few stories himself and its good to know that our situation is far from unique and maybe just a rite of passage.
We head to the Taphouse where we’re playing tonight, somewhere we played first in fact on this Oz leg of the tour. The stage sound is bizarre, the one monitor crackling like a broken radio and we have no idea if people can hear us properly out the front, but we battle through, playing every song we could possibly pull off acoustically.
Afterwards we head into Darlinghurst, every bar is populated by muscled guys in vests and girls with skirts shorter than I imagine their parents would approve of. The whole place feels like a meat market, or maybe we just chose the wrong places to go, but we give up and head home.

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