Thursday, 15 December 2011

High Noon Tour Day 29

Day 29  8/12/11

Tonight’s show is at The Metro in central Sydney. One of the main venues in the city. Soundcheck goes without a hitch and then Lamont and I are asked to go and do a video interview for Moshcam TV. To the question “What were some of the first songs you played on guitar?” I answered, “Old Rock n Roll classics, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly and Buckcherry........hang on that’s not right?!!” So if anyone sees it I am not a Buckcherry fan, just a dyslexic interviewee.
A friend of ours asks to go on the guest list for the gig tonight so we put him down, plus one of course. Later on as we’re eating he texts to say he’ll not be able to make it now, so we speak to the two German students sat near us and say if they want to go to a gig for free and say they are “Mr Cannot Be Named plus 1” they’ll get in. It was pretty cool to see when we went onstage two tall, blonde haired kids come running up to the front of the stage, dancing, swing their beers everywhere...shout “Thanks guys!” and head off before we’ve had time to get off stage. Youthful enthusiasm at its best.
After the show we head to Tatler’s bar...somewhere the locals we have mentioned it to all seem to think is bad, but after loud music and noise a quiet, discreet little place like this, with some jazzy band playing was a welcome break. The International Swingers guys were there too along with some of their friends and it was with some sadness we realised this was already to be our last show together.  Clem Burke is one of Lamont’s heroes and I found Jon stood watching Clem play a cowbell. Nothing else, just a cowbell, jamming along with the jazz band. Its an odd sight, first Clem playing cowbell in this situation, then the normally very composed Jon looking with awe at his hero play something even your gran could play. Cute really.
At a ridiculous time in the morning we heads back to the hotel. I check my e-mails and see that a friend of ours, Mike is in town and can lend us a guitar for tomorrow’s acoustic gig. 

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