Wednesday, 14 December 2011

High Noon Tour Day 27-28

Day 27-28  6/12/11

Its raining...still...oh no, hang on a second...there’s blue skies!! A quick ring around the guys and I find Lamont is up for doing something fun with the day. We decide to borrow the car and drive to Botany Bay to see where Captain Cook came ashore, then head up to the cliff top nearby and try and see the humpback whales.
On the drive we’re chatting away and Lamont pulls into a queue at the traffic lights. After 5 minutes we notice the queue hasn’t moved, at this point we realise we have just pulled in behind a line of parked cars. Well done.
Eventually we make it to the national park area and the Botany Bay visitor centre. Its deserted and the sky suddenly goes grey, it looks like we timed it just about as badly as only we seem to be able to. We hurry down to Cook’s landing spot feeling highly unimpressed by the scene off the coast. To the right an oil refinery, to the left a sewage pipe and over head plane after plane going into the main airport. It could be beautiful, but instead its just a bit shit.
We jump back into the car to get up to the cliff top area to see the whales, but on the way the heavens open and we eventually stand for 5 minutes in the pouring rain looking at slate grey seas only to discover the whales are long gone and only come here in the winter.
The whole trip is a disaster so on the way back we pull in for a beer at the Taphouse. We played our first show here acoustically about a week agao and we get some free drinks and an offer of another show. Cool so at least it wasn’t a total waste of a day!
The next day i can’t remember what happened, but it was probably a non-descript day with me writing diary entries and the other guys fixing their gear.

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