Monday, 12 December 2011

High Noon Tour Day 26

Day 26  5/12/11

Back into the Subaru iBack Breaker 2000 we go. I take the first shift driving, wanting to get it out the way and then attempt to sleep for some of the journey. As usual i fail (to sleep, not drive) but as i have nothing to do but stare at the scenery going by I do manage to spot some live kangaroos. Finally! Lots of dead ones littered about the road this time and we even see a truck with what appears to be a kangaroo plough on the front for clearing the way. That’d be an odd job.
Its a long day of just sitting doing nothing and conversation is at a minimum, not because we’re hating eachother, we’re just lost in our own thoughts/iPods/daydreams. We’re not sure if any more shows have been booked in Sydney to replace some of the cancelled ones and we feel like we’re not headed on an adventure, but returning to some familiar, grey, dull fate.  However it dawns on me that I’m in Australia, watching kangaroos jump a wire fence, driving between Melbourne and Sydney, here because of the music we make and I’m essentially one lucky fucker. That’s the problem with plans....if you make them and they go wrong you can sometimes fail to see that the resulting alternative is not bad, its just different. Resolving to not be such a miserable bastard and maybe to call home at some point I get back to my usual role of irritating whoever is awake and eventually we pull up at the hotel in Sydney, in the dark, exhausted, but maybe more inclined to accept things for what they are.

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