Monday, 12 December 2011

High Noon Tour Day 25

Day 25 4/12/11

Daytimes on tour can feel like limbo. Your work, your activity and your focus is all on the evening, so you’re either travelling, solving a problem or if neither of those things need doing you’re just resting or killing time. With no real desire to head into the city and wander around shops or go to a pub we spend the whole day playing cards, feeling a little ropey from the night before. As the day looks like it will crawl right by us we have a call from my friend Laura offering for us to go over to her and her boyfriend’s place for a BBQ. Boredom day is now gorge on meat day. We head to Coles (the big supermarket here) grab some meat, some beer and head over to an area of the town called Northcote.
Everyone seems relaxed, but there’s still a vague air of depression amongst us which we hope will be lifted by tonight’s show @ The Prague.
The venue is known as a bit of a home for metal, but this all day show seems pretty chilled out and there are some bluesy bands on before us. I go outside with Si for a smoke and look at the posters for the upcoming shows. One black metal band’s logo is so spikey and blood soaked that it pretty much just looks like someone has had their kitten attack a piece of paper, then use the scratches as their name. The other notable band were ‘Cunt Butcher’. I predict big things for them, although something tells me they aren't totally serious.
We also talk to some locals and meet a woman who is one of the writers of Aussie soap opera turned UK TV institution, Neighbours. Now most bands want to appear cool and say they grew up watching nothing but Clockwork Orange on repeat followed by their Dad’s collection of French Art-house cinema classics. Well we’re all of an age where there were just 4 TV channels and when you got in from school you either watched ITV for Home and Away or BBC1 for Neighbours. I happened to be a Neighbours lad. People like this woman have done more for the integration of Aussie culture in the UK than anyone since Crocodile Dundee. Recalling classic episodes like the Bouncer the dog’s demise, the one with the cricket ball going through a window and Harold Bishop being found working in a Salvation Army store 10 years after going missing in the water and discovering that the guy who plays the character Toadie is a bit of a cock takes us up to gig time. We’re on last and decide to play pretty much every song we have...why not? The more the better. Its actually a real luxury to be able to play a well paced set and not have to decide if its to be 30 minutes of calm or 30 minutes of noise. After the gig we head of with Bo and his friend on a fruitless Sunday night search for a bar that is open. After driving all over town we finally find somewhere that is still serving and settle in for a few beers and a bit of banter before heading home. Tomorrow we return to Sydney (again), just another 10 hour drive.

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