Sunday, 11 December 2011

High Noon Tour Day 24

Day 24 – 3/12/11

A bit of a nothing day.....get up, find coffee in a nearby cafe. Ignore how hungry I am as my wallet appears to be empty. Change guitar strings, re-glue my pedalboard’s Velcro lining then head to the gig.
Tonight’s was at The Corner Hotel in Richmond, Melbourne. So close to our hotel it felt like we should have walked it, but still had too much gear to do that. The venue looks great and the sound guys are the same as last night so everything should be fairly painless. The stage even has a curtain so when we finally take to the stage we can set up our gear without being watched and with the amazing luxury of light on the stage! Most soundchecks are done in the light with not too much stress and no-one watching you. The stage is tidy and even then it can be a hassle connecting everything together, getting power cables to where they need to be and keeping track of what belongs to who. Then you pack it away until you actually play. This means re-setting up in the almost total darkenss onstage, with none of the power sockets you’d set up being where they were thanks to the previous can’t speak to eachother to solve a problem as there’s music blaring and this is all done under the watchful gaze of the front row. Its not a gripe, its just the reality of gigging, but its amazing how much you appreciate getting to do it with the lights on (!) after years of groping in the dark.
The actual set runs perfectly and personally it think it is the best i have ever played. I’m drenched in sweat after, but feel fucking great. Our friend Bo bails on a Foo Fighters gig early to come for a beer and we all watch the headline band, beer in hand with at least some feeling of things turning a corner for the better.
After the gig we head to Cherry Bar on AC/DC Lane (i kid you not!) and James and I take to the dance floor. Amazingly the dancing there is so bad we blend in and end the night in classic fashion. Half cut, exhausted, but laughing and feeling like a gang. 

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