Friday, 9 December 2011

High Noon Tour Day 23

Day twenty three 2/12/11

I slept most of the day which was just bliss. I keep talking about it in this diary, but I rarely manage to sleep late, no matter how tired i am, and managing to sleep until after lunch was just what i needed.
I even volunteered to drive the band to tonight’s show at Geelong, about an hour or so outside the main city of Melbourne. After mistaking my brake pedal for the clutch again right in front of an oncoming tram we settled down to a thankfully short trip in the Subaru Discomfort 2000.
When we arrived at the venue there seemed to be activity, a soundcheck in progress with actual soundmen and a real band. Our few shows in Oz had resigned us to the fact this was never going to happen, but here was the evidence it could be done and with a sense of coming home we slipped into the routine we’re more used to back home.
The band sound checking were The International Swingers....a sort of super group made up of ex Sex Pistols, Blondie’s and Faces to name a few. We got introduced briefly before our soundcheck, but no real chance to talk which for Lamont was frustrating as the band’s drummer Clem Burke is one of his idols. Plenty of time yet though mate.
In the whole time we’ve been in Oz we have not seen one massive killer, bite-you-fuck-you-eat-you-and-your-family-spider. Well i’d managed to find a half dead Wolf Spider (google it) in the laundry room, but Si inparticular wanted to taste the adrenalin on something up close and personal. So with some surprise I noticed on the floor, right in front of me, in the dark a massive spider whilst we were playing. I was signing at the time and stuck at the mic, but with no lack of professionalism tried to get Si’s attention. I failed miserably and to the audience probably just looked like i’d pulled off a Peter Garrett move (UK people, Google him). Before the song ended the spider had gone and Si is still to this day to see anything bigger than a thumbnail.
During the set Si managed to break string after string so we had to change the set on the fly, playing a pretty unusual collection of songs, but the crowd seemed to get into it so we were happy.
After the gig I got talking to Lamont and realised he knows nothing about Nine Inch Nails! One of my favourite all time bands I decided we should listen to The Fragile on the way back to the hotel. Sadly two things were against us. One: The stereo in the car whilst now working sounded like it was dying a fate worse than its previous death; and Two: Si’s iPod being on shuffle. I have brought this up with him before....he likes to choose an album, but then let the iPod randomise the songs from that album. To me this is bizarre and with an album that is structured and conceived as ‘complete album’, not just a collection of songs, it is almost like vandalism. For any NIN fans you’ll know CD1 (The Left) of The Fragile starts with Somewhat Damaged, then the incredible The Day The World Went Away....the short, but necessary The Frail before launching into The Wretched. That’s just the first few tracks, but they HAVE to be listened to in order to fully appreciate them. Well, that’s my opinion anyway. I wonder if people will feel the same about our CDs?

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