Wednesday, 7 December 2011

High Noon Tour Day 22

Day twenty two 1/12/11

Si’s birthday.

I was given a package of cards and presents when in the UK to take to Oz and give to Si on his birthday and it is with some pride i actually remember to do this. I wake him with a “Happy Birthday Mr Jackson” and watch him get a little teary eyed as he reads the messages from his loved ones. Very sweet indeed.
I go to make myself some food in the hotel’s self catering kitchen as i’d managed to find some gluten free bread on the journey down. There’s two slices left and i’m starving, however i very generously set aside a quarter of a slice for Si as it is his big day. I then spot a few candles lying in a cupboard and with some stolen peanut butter (sorry to whoever it belonged to) piled high on the toast quarter and a candle stuck in the top i go back to the room i’m sharing with Si and sing him happy birthday. He seems genuinely pleased which is great as i can’t afford to get him a real present.
From being told earlier in the week we’d had most of the tour cut, we’re told that tonight we’ll in fact be playing two shows. Its good to be busy.
The first is at The Laundry Bar in Fitzroy. A few friends from the UK attend the gig and some Aussie friends we know from our travels too. The other bands lend us their amps and drums and its a pretty good start to the night.
The second show is in an area of town called St Kilda, nearer the water. A local guy called Bo has booked us the show and meets as at the venue at midnight (almost sounds romantic) with guitar amps and before we know it we’re playing to a room full of VERY drunk party goers. I think we could have played anything in 5 different keys at the same time and they’d have enjoyed it....there’s tough crowds, normal crowds and then crowds that you cannot fail with. This was one of those.
We head outside to cool off and have a quick cigarette. A girl walks past in a strapless dress that really could have done with straps. However i think she is too drunk to notice just how welcoming her evening’s look is, but the more sober boyfriend who appears 5 mins later saying “has anyone seen a tiny girl with massive tits?” with a worried look on his face is definitely aware of the wardrobe malfunction she was suffering. 

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