Wednesday, 7 December 2011

High Noon Tour Day 21

Day twenty one 30/11/11

A day of travel awaits, Sydney to Melbourne by car to be exact. On the map it looks like its just down the road, but is in fact a 1000km trip and the sat nav tells us its going to take 10 hours. We’ll be meeting the tour manager down in Melbourne, he is flying there with the other band so lends us his car and we’re happy to take turns driving ourselves. Seems like it could be an adventure as we have no real rush and hopefully we’ll see Kangaroos on the way, stop in some small interesting town for food, take a know, a bit like when you drive down to Cornwall and take the scenic route.
However we didn’t see any kangaroos, not even dead ones. The towns on the way remind me of the out-of-town American style shopping warehouses we get in the UK and the car’s radio/CD player doesn’t seem to work. It could be there are amazing places to see and we managed to miss them, but its a weirdly soulless trip and we end up just taking 2 hour shifts at the wheel with a grim determination to reach Melbourne as fast as possible. Plus my legs are killing me. No idea why, but about an hour into the journey they start hurting as though i have already done a 12 hour trip in a couped up plane. I whinge to the others, but get very little sympathy and no offers of massages to decline.
When it comes to my turn to drive it becomes apparent that I’m not used to driving an automatic and give the guys a few scary moments when i push my foot hard on the ‘clutch’ only to discover it is the brake and everyone has to peel themselves off the seat back in front of them. James pulls his usual trick of managing to sleep most of the way, Si plugs himself into his ipad and Lamont snacks for most of the journey.  With no ability to sleep, no food and no entertainment gadget I have nothing to focus on but the fact this car has the most uncomfortable seats i have ever sat on. Subaru Outbacker, you have broken me!
As night falls we pull up to our hotel in Melbourne and decide to have one small fizzy yellow drink each before crashing out. We go to the local pub and meet our first local. He tells us about some kind of cannibal in Melbourne, then, as far as i can tell insinuates it is in fact him. Maybe i miss-heard, but it is quite possible he’d like to eat us. Looking around the table to see if the other guys had heard what i did i realise that with James looking like a tasty crab stick i'd be safe for eat least one course. With that comforting thought we make our excuses and head back to the hotel.

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