Tuesday, 6 December 2011

High Noon Tour Day 17

Day Seventeen 26/11/11

On tour we try to travel as light as possible, guitars, pedals, leads. That’s about it. So for last night’s acoustic gig we borrowed some guitars, took a tambourine and James’ bass as we’d usually do and showed up to play. The band before us finished and onto the stage we go. But there are no mics, no soundman, nothing. In Australia its apparently common to have to provide these things yourself, something that never happens in the UK. So after begging the band before us to lend us some gear, fiddling with the PA that is wired incorrectly and hoping we can be heard we play pretty much every song we possibly can in acoustic form. People like it, they even dance and after what looked like potential disaster we pull something pretty decent out of the bag.
I order an ‘English Ale’ off the bar’s extensive beer list to celebrate and am confronted by something that resembles no English Ale i have ever drunk. Tasteless, fizzy and provided in a schooner (about half a pint) i’m not entirely satisfied with my beverage choice. So i try a few different beers. It doesn’t take long for me to suspect that in fact all Australian beer is the same drink, just with different names. The rest of the band agree, but we decide to research this further before jumping to conclusions.

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