Thursday, 24 November 2011

High Noon Tour - Day 9

Day 9 – 18th November

I punched Lamont.
James’s apartment has two rooms, me and Jon in one, Si and James in the other. It’s a matter of being confortable with our sexuality and having to share beds. All is well, but in the night Jon said I sat up startled which woke him up. Seeing him there I looked confused and punched him in the eye. Sorry Jon, I didn’t mean it.

Dragging ourselves out the front door was hard this morning. My voice feels like shit, I can barely speak and we’re off to do an interview and play an acoustic session on the radio. The building we turn up to is some kind of military facility. It just happens to be where the main radio station here is situated too. We get searched, scanned and have to hand in our phones, cameras and ‘suspicious equipment’ to the armed guards. Surreal.

The acoustic session is ok, but me and Si both sound like 90 year olds so we’re not too pleased with our performance, but there’s no point complaining as we can’t re-schedule the interview.

The interviewer Harry is a total pro and it goes smoothly. We grab our stuff off the military guys and ride home in a cab driven by a Wishbone Ash obsessive. A couple of hours rest then later we’re heading to The Beer Market for soundcheck and the show. I’m just praying my voice miraculously recovers in a couple of hours.

Somehow it did. Singapore is humid and hot but they love the air conditioning here. So much so we are fucking freezing at the venue. We play around 10pm so have a few hours to kill and get given some bottles of our sponsor’s gin. Bulldog Gin for those interested.  Dangerous stuff.

We end up playing two sets, one of the quitter more shoegaze stuff, Kiss Away The Sun, Spoke too Soon etc and then a full on rock set at the end. It gets pretty nuts and the night went on and on with Lamont getting onstage to jam Crazy Little Thing called Love with the house band. Si drunkenly climbed onstage and added some wonderfully out of tune backing vocals.

The Beer Market - Singapore.
James and fan
Lamont playing Queen.
Si singing Queen
Lamont winning

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