Thursday, 24 November 2011

High Noon Tour - Day 8

Day 8 – 17th November

Woken up one hour early by a Simon with an incorrectly set clock I feel a little sad and still tired as we sit in silence in the taxi on the way to the airport. The calm mood carries on through the whole journey and its not until we get to Singapore we finally really pick up. At the airport is James…our host for a couple of nights. He is a friend of a friend as is letting us stay with him for the time we are in Singapore. He’s a Brit, but grew up here so its good to get some local knowledge and it leads us straight to some local food. Kind of savoury pancakes with a curry dip. Damn good.

As soon as we’ve eaten we have to quickly shower, change guitar strings and get ready to head to Live-o TV. Its an internet TV channel and you’d not believe it unless you saw it.  Singapore is a modern, clean city, but the taxi drops us off in an area that looks like something from a 70’s cop show. An industrial estate with surly looking guys staring at us from the gloom as we walk with our gear wondering if this can possibly be the right place. The service life is big enough for fork lift trucks and the whole place stinks, but we see one bright coloured door at the end of the dank corridor and through it a modern TV studio and office with pool table, antique furniture and weird metal sculptures. It reminded me of Zoolander’s apartment if you’ve ever seen that movie.

We play 5 songs live on ‘air’
We’re All Gonna Die
Shoot Me Down,

Then do a quick live interview with a guy called Bi whose tag line is “Hi I am Bi, but I am straight”. 
The other guys head home, but I go with James to pick up an acoustic guitar from a friend of his as we have an acoustic session on the radio tomorrow morning. The drive through the city at night is incredible and I’m glad of the time to actually see the city however briefly. James tells me more about life here and I think it seems like a place I’d definitely like to visit sometime again. Its not the ‘grey city of Asia’ as I had been told it would be. They even drive on the left here, so maybe its just the familiarity i'm enjoying.

Si is sick and I’m not feeling so good, just too hot, too much air conditioning and too many flights are taking their toll. We all head to bed with an alarm set for some ridiculously early time in the morning again.

Leaving Saigon.
Ho Chi Minh's welcome sign. Obviously.
Gear trolley 1.

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