Thursday, 24 November 2011

High Noon Tour - Day 7

Day 7 – 16th Nov

One week in and we’re now leaving Vietnam. This is our last day here and it starts with an interview with John from The Word magazine. An English language magazine for people in Vietnam and the sponsors of the 2nd show we played here. The interview is a good one, held over iced Vietnamese coffees and joined by an old friend from London who we bumped into on the way to the café.

More office work finalising everything for getting to Singapore and for when we get there, uploading pics and vids which I hope you guys are checking out and sharing!

Before we know it we’re in Acoustic Bar, the venue for tonight’s show doing a quick sound check, grabbing some food (yes, back in Margarita’s with the same old menu choices) and finally relaxing with a beer waiting to go on stage. We have an hour to talk to people and reflect on how things have been going so far. The general consensus is that its damn good, but maybe we should try to sleep more and that we’re going to miss Saigon, especially the little gang we seem to have formed whilst here.

The show is a weird one with a lot of the audience expecting a covers band as covers bands are pretty much all that is out here usually. We disappoint a good half of the crowd by not playing some old favourites, but everyone else there gets what we’re doing and with a broken string at the end of Romeo its all over. We take photos with everyone we know there, head for a last Saigon beer and slop off to bed. Goodnight Saigon, you have been wonderful.

Hanging out in the street outside Acoustic Bar - Saigon.
The sign outside Acoustic Bar.

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