Thursday, 24 November 2011

High Noon Tour - Day 11

Day 11 – November 20th

We spend the day by the pool at James’ apartment with thunderstorms overhead. Around 9pm we get our gear together and take a cab to the airport, ready to fly to Sydney. Its just a 7 hour flight which seems like nothing after the number of long haul trips we have done and like old pros we settle onto the night flight and fall asleep.
Well, that was the idea. The reality is only James sleeps (again) and the rest of us feel like death with only the odd disgusting meal to keep us from sliding into a netherworld like state of mind.
I watch a movie called Submarine about a teenager in Wales having girlfriend and parent problems. It sounds dull, but its great….i won’t say much more, but I highly recommend it.
‘Horrible Bosses’ on the other hand was a bad choice, but bad enough that I fell asleep! YES! At fucking last.
The pilot dumps us down with nonchalant disregard for our comfort at Sydney airport. Lucky as earlier in the flight he announced our imminent arrival at Melbourne. Nice to know they are on the ball.
We wait around for Bicci, our Aussie tour manager who takes us to the hotel and for a quick bite to eat. Our conversation is limited to grunts and head shakes as we crave bed and head off for an early night.

Lamont feeling the burn.

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