Thursday, 24 November 2011

High Noon Tour - Day 10

Day 10 – November 19th

I’m writing this a few days after it happened so events are a little sketchy. We have no show to play and after I go out to get some food I come back to find all the guys and our host rotting on the sofa where everyone stays all day.
We go out again at around 10pm to a party someone we met from the night before invited us to. We have no idea what to expect, but the situation is so bizarre we could never have predicted it.
We turn up in the taxi to a massive house….billionaire style place you only ever see on TV. Out on the deck in front of the house are 100 people, 99% male and 99% dressed as angles or centurions. The friend  who invited us neglected to mention the exact theme, so into one of Freddie Mercury’s wet dreams walk 3 greasy, hungover rockers. Si is too haggard to come to the party so its just me, Lamont and James. We grab a drunk and mingle with the assorted fashion designers, bondage dressed businessmen and angels. After way too many vodkas and witnessing some kind of human centipede like performance by a few transvestites in the houses purpose built disco I decide to go for a swim. I haven’t swum in years and there’s a massive pool outside, so I dive into the deep end only to discover there is no deep end. The whole thing is like a kiddies pool and I’m lucky to not knock myself out. The pool looked deserted from the end I was at, but when I come up for air I’m right next to two naked men having a rather lovely time.
I dry off, drink up and decide things are taking a turn in a direction I might not be 100% used to so round up the guys and head off.

Sadly there are no pictures from this night.

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