Monday, 14 November 2011

High Noon Tour - Day 1.

Day 1 – 10th Nov 2011

So here we are again, waiting at Heathrow for our flight to Singapore, off on another Lost Souls adventure. This time we’re going to be playing Vietnam, Singapore and then pretty much the whole of Australia.
Its early, we were up all night packing and it’s a weary, bleary-eyed crew crossing their fingers at the check in desk, hoping our luggage isn’t over the weight limit. We’re away for 2 months but with so much gear to take the only room we have for clothes is stuffed into guitar cases or in our hand luggage. The complete works of Shakespeare or Dan Brown just don’t get a look in so its going to be mind rotting in flight movie after in flight movie to pass the 13 hours to our first stop.

I try and sleep but the guy behind us is talking and talking. It seems about EVERYTHING. His friend just stays mute allowing this one guy to tell him about ever place he has been in the world, about the merging of airline companies and all the best beers he has had in the best bars.  At first it was ok, but I decide to watch a film an 2 hours later he is still going on, and loudly about how awesome Iberia air are. I’m sure you’re all excited to know what film I saw and what I though. Well, it was The Help. I think its pretty new, but maybe some of you have seen it. I liked it a lot and thought it was quite moving with a slight eye moistening on my part, but of course if the other guys had asked I’d just have said it was tiredness.  The southern states of America in the early to mid 20th century essentially sucked for black people as well all know and this film covers that ground, but the way one of the main characters gets back at her evil bitch of a boss is pretty cool (a chocolate shit pie served with a smile) and the acting and characters had me enthralled. To my left Jon (lamont) is watching a Queen documentary that he must have seen a hundred times already, but that boy LOVES Queen, and Si is getting into a mental sweat with Captain America. James, the fucker, is asleep. I’m jealous and close my eyes as we have a show to play at the end of the next flight and some sleep would probably be good, but all I can hear is this constant excited monologue about Unilever being a really cool company if you look past their business practises.  Really though, I don’t care, I mean here we are, me and 3 great friends heading off to do what we do best in one of the coolest cities you could ever visit. Ho Chi Minh.

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