Monday, 31 October 2011

10 days until we go on tour

10 days until the craziness begins.
Actually not true, its already crazy getting last minute things together and we really don't make it easy for ourselves. In this last week we have a show in London, a video to shoot, merch to be sent off in advance to different corners of the globe and the almost impossible job of making sure we all arrive to the airport on time and fully prepared. Oh and did I mention a video to shoot? Yes, I did. Whose stupid idea was that? It has to be mine.
I had a drink with a friend last night and she said that it seems like being in a band is more business than music or art, and in a way she is right. The art is something that is there 24/7, little ideas in the back of your mind or huge surges of inspiration all in a moment, but essentially it is 'not important'. Basically a deadline for getting your video duplicated, encoded and sent off to the TV channel can't wait, it is in the 'real' world, whereas that cool melody you want to work with can wait. So business gets in the way and in this day and age most bands have to do a LOT of this stuff themselves. You'll get bands who'll make out they are 24 hour party people, but they aren't. The chances are if you're reading about them in anything other than a local newspaper they have probably worked pretty hard at all the behind the scenes, boring run of the mill stuff to get it there. Its the reality of the music industry in 2011.
I can only speak for us but none of us enjoy doing it, but we do it because we care....the music, the band is sacred, its precious and by doing as much around it ourselves it means it is less likely to get contaminated, spoiled or ultimately feel like we have lost the child we have been caring for from day one. If we don't do it who will? Who'll care as much as we do? We have a fantastic management team who work hard with us and for us and in the end it all comes down to one thing. We love the music and we want to protect it and share it.
Later today we'll post our video for "I Know I Spoke Too Soon."

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