Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Things coming soon to LSC land.

I haven't been typing much as i have been rushed off my feet trying to do more important things. These include.
1. Finish debut EP mixing
2. Get debut EP mastered
3. Work on debut EP music
4. Play gigs both rock n' roll and acoustic
5. Finish demoing all the ideas we have before we forget them and head off on our travels to The East and beyond.
6. Plan for said travels.

So yep, it has been busy for all of us. Highlights though have been doing our first ever full band acoustic show at Pulse Festival with such a great reception. Learning how to use Photoshop to make artwork for the CD (slight sarcasm here). Buying my first ever acoustic guitar! Check it out on the right here. Reading Keep The Aspidistra Flying by George Orwell. Going mushroom picking with our roadie and driver Mr Richard Reeves.
Anyway, I still have a huge list of things to get done before we ship out on the 10th Nov, not least of all rehearse for our upcoming shows:
24th Sept @ The Finsbury in Finsbury Park
30th Sept @ The Cellars in Eastney, Portsmouth
8th Oct @ The vaults in Southampton
7th Nov @ The Bedford in London