Friday, 5 August 2011

Too much going on to cut through the noise.

I haven't written anything in a while because i just didn't know where to start. Hacking scandal? Amy Winehouse? Paul Daniels hospitalised by Sooty? My usual spring board of current events was too plentiful and definitely over examined by just about everyone so why add to the noise?

So skipping past world changing events like America's decision to increase their borrowing limit (whilst i can't even get a £50 increase from Lloyds who are hardly good with their own money!) i'll tell you about the band.

What have we been doing? Well, recording is the simple answer. And yep, we have been doing it for a while, but that's because we all have lives outside the band that interfere. Mostly work work work just getting in the way, but every spare moment has been filled with something productive and today we put the finishing touches to 9 songs with a further 8 awaiting completion. We have decided to go the totally DIY route, tracking, producing and mixing everything ourselves and you know what? We like it. Actually we love it...i don't even really mind who listens to what we have created or if it does well because i have never been happier with a project i have been involved in and that is worth its weight in gold. An artist's drive often comes from the need to self satisfy. The average listener won't care about the tiny details we agonised over, just like the average film goer won't care about the wording in one brief scene being re-written 50 times. But this is what takes things from being fine to being amazing. Well, potentially anyway as i'm not going to start saying what we have done is amazing. That'd be for others to decide.

Because we can record ourselves and we're constantly writing this is going to be a something of a permanent work in progress with the backlog always there. We have also completed an acoustic EP and have been rehearsing an acoustic set for Pulse Festival.

Ok, so that pretty much brings us up to date and as you can tell i have been putting all my creativity into the songs as this blog is dull as fuck.

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