Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Its been a while since i wrote an update.

Usually i get on my moral high horse about something instead of giving a decent update on the band, but this week i feel all out of vitriol and bile so here's an actual band update.

You might have seen lots of tweets and facebook updates about recording drums, bass, acoustic songs etc etc and no doubt you're confused about what the hell we're doing. Well, to be honest so are we. We are just going where the mood takes us and trying in a world full of marketing plans, budgets (cuts) and deadlines to create something as close to true art as possible.Release dates, packaging, labels etc are all conversations for a later date. Right now its just striking while the iron is hot and getting as much recorded before we move on to new territory. Its the problem with being in a new-ish band. You write songs, you have no budget, so you can't record them all. You pick one or two, release them and use them as promo material to get shows, but by the time you get to record properly some of these songs now seem a little old and they never see the real light of day. We really don't want that to happen and have a store of about 20 we really like and just thought why not record them. Do it lo-fi, do it as live as possible and at the very least have a bunch of tracks that will at least document the end of this first stage of the band.

The other thing that is done, dusted and in the bag is a little acoustic EP. James kept playing me song after song he'd written (in fact he still is) and most was this cowboy feeling acoustic material with a Bob Dylan meets Nick Cave vibe. I had a few ideas of my own so over one stormy weekend we shut ourselves away and decided to get these songs recorded. Si added a few slide guitar parts and backing vocals and before we knew it we had it finished. And you know what? I don't even care if no-one likes it, i couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Never having really recorded or mixed acoustic music before I just pointed microphones at guitars, mouths and tambourines in the hope it'd all come good and unless i'm totally deluded it really did.

We're going to keep it semi under wraps right now as we feel its more important to get the 'real Souls music out there first, but if you want to hear it come along and see us at an acoustic show. First one is on the 3rd Sept @ Pulse Festival just outside Southampton, but i think we'll be doing a lot more as basically i am really enjoying playing harmonica and sitting down at shows. Means i get to relax, sip a beer and due to not being a sweaty mess i can even go for dinner in the same clothes i did the gig in. That being said the electric shows are  seemingly going better than ever right now and just taking our hands off the wheel, not over thinking it and seeing what happens appears to be making for some exciting music onstage. Next show is on 19th @ The Monarch in Camden.

Ok, so there you have it. An actual update. No bile, no soap box....

...Rupert Murdoch is a shark. Most big business is at least semi criminal if not in law then in ethics and morality. You ARE being fucked over constantly and the regard for your health, happiness and well being are secondary to getting at the gold coins in your pocket.........and relax.