Thursday, 30 June 2011

What is she going to wear?

Listening to Radio 4 today (see earlier blog to read about my love of this gem of a station) i learned that Prince William and Kate Middleton are doing a north American tour. Apparently as well as all the usual military commitments (why a soldier in a country that far away from us will suddenly be inspired to kill more women and children as part of a private bullying club for the world's richest elite by laying eyes on a home counties girl who other than marrying a balding inbred has nothing to do with anything important in the world, i don't know) and hanging out with politicians, state governors and criminals rich enough to mix in those circles they will also be doing some fun things. Such as cooking with some kids and steering dragon boats.
Great...good for them. I shall wave my plastic Union Jack right now.

Now this was reported on the same show that talked about Ai Wei Wei's recent release from prison in China and his subsequent gagging in terms of talking to the media as well as advertising the Reith Lectures. A series of talks by Aung San Suu Kyi who based on the first lecture is an amazing woman who protests and works hard to achieve freedom for the people of Burma.
I shouldn't be surprised that Wills and Katy are talked about in the same programme as these great and important things as I'm aware we do have a royal family and some of our empire might want a chance to get their money's worth out of them, but here is what annoyed me (yes it took me this long to get to the point): They said "The American media will scrutinise their every move and every one of her outfits." No big deal to some i suppose, but it pissed me off! Why do we care what she wears? In fact do people really care? Or if it wasn't mentioned and studied would people just entertain themselves with some other rubbish?
it is like the end scene of The Truman Show. The producer pleads to Truman to stay in the show even though he now knows he is living in a massive TV studio and his whole life is a show. He makes out it is important and for a second you almost believe it. Then he decides to leave the show. We're shown two bored security guards who love the show spend 20 seconds getting really pissed off then one says to the other "What's on the other channels?" We, the general media consuming public are those security guards. We sit around, we eat, we live vicariously through other people's lives and think it somehow important, but actually if it went away we'd survive. If there was never another article about Kate Middleton babies would still be born, the sun would continue to burn and Friends would still be on E4.
The woman who was the royal reporter talked as though the future king of England building a good relationship with America was no more important than the shade of smug his wife wears to the events and in a way she is right, because we let it be that way.
Writing this blog is possibly hypocritical and contributing to the problem as i'm hardly looking the other way, but i just had to vent.
Ok, back to my place where i play music and write songs about girls and don't potentially prevent us getting a gig at the Queen's 100th birthday.

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