Wednesday, 15 June 2011

We've been working too hard.

Lately we have been a hive of activity, writing and recording. I have said before we have way too many songs right now to choose from, well we have been adding to the tally steadily day after day. Somehow we've managed to whittle our 'normal' lives down to the bare minimum leaving time to actually get on with all the things we have been wanting to do for a long time.
The biggest problem with having a massive back log of songs usually is that so few see the light of day. When you finally get a chance to go into a studio and record them you only have the money to say record 5 of them so loads go unloved. A year later and you record again and the newer ones you just wrote seem more exciting than the older ones just because they are fresher and so 15 songs or so get lost to the mists of time. This is what has happened to us in previous bands in the past, but we have decided to bring the studio to us, to keep it lo-fi and make use of these songs. Even if the only release they get is a "Recorded at rehearsal EP" release. In the end we think it'll be worth it.

The thing that's interesting about this to me is how wide ranging the material we're writing is and how we'll make it fit together. It is a problem lots of bands i know have. They write quite diverse music, but to keep their band's brand strong they have to choose the songs that all sound the most samey. When you think about it that's a real shame and often why bands will one day seem to go mad and either split up to do solo projects or suddenly on one album totally change their style. Its because they have been so locked into just one style that it becomes a cage for them.
Remember that bands are full of musicians and they probably listen to and appreciate a plethora of styles and feel they could express themselves well given a wider palette. Its often fans who trap bands...i was the same when i was younger. I loved metal and harder rock exclusively and assumed the bands i listened to thought the same. I never for a second thought that maybe Metallica might listen to country or Pantera might like blues. Turns out they really did and Metallica actually released a couple of country-ish songs which was amazingly brave of them considering the situation they were in. Loads of fans hated it, but it was an eye opener for me and since then i have been much more aware that bands are made of musicians who love music and when you play music its nice to stretch your wings a little from time to time.
So whilst we're not going to be releasing any techno DJ happy hardcore sensory assualt along with our rocky stuff there might be a few surprises in store.

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