Tuesday, 7 June 2011

That feeling of disappointment (that comes with snails)

Things rarely live up to our expectations. They say never meet your heroes and it is true...they are only people in the end, possibly great and talented people, but never the gods we're led to believe by the media. As a child i'd see adverts with these toy aeroplanes flying in circles possibly even shooting lasers, but i soon came to realise it was all camera tricks and mine was just a hunk of plastic that i'd have to 'use my imagination' with to get to fly.

Travelling is the same for me, i get romantic notions of somehow being a whole new me in different places, but i'm not, i'm the same me with the same basic personality just in a different location. Its so easy to forget that EVERYTHING with almost no exception is now a product and is therefore marketed to you. Even your friends on Facebook can be creating a mini PR campaign showing only their coolest photos or updating about their most interesting stories. That is what i am doing now, I am writing a personal blog, but essentially i set it up as another avenue to my band. We're so used to it that we forget it is happening and get sucked in time and time again. There are some people though that get some bummed out by the difference between the advert/dream and the reality that they get hospitalised. Welcome to what i assumed was a spoof article, but it seems might be factual about 'Paris Syndrome' where Japanese tourists feel so let down by Paris that they freak out and get hospitalised and then flown home. I try to make my band out to be pretty cool and some people think it is, but i hope that we never disappoint to that extreme!


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