Sunday, 5 June 2011

London touristy trip done.

Despite living in London for a while i never really did the touristy things. Even now i don't live too far away so it feels too close to really get excited about. I mean its not quite the same as visiting Rome is it? I decided to dip my toe into the waters of London tourism and found it massively underwhelming. I re-affirmed my conviction that sight seeing just isn't for me, a feeling i'd become aware of on our trip to Asia. I love interesting history but told to me one on one by a guy i meet in a bar, not read off a card next to a block of stone in a museum with kids spilling coke on your shoes.

I went to The British Museum and it IS amazing, don't get me wrong, but i just feel like museums are the worst environment for getting into history. First of all its too busy, second the information is too brief and third you're exhausted from just walking ALL THE TIME. I'm probably being fussy, but even now i feel the same lethargy hit me that i did when i was on a school trip to look at a church despite the fact that i now actually want to see these things and learn. Its similar to the lethargy felt when going on a long shopping trip with your girlfriend, you feel hot, tired, your feet ache, you feel thirsty and irritated and you're only 20 minutes into a 5 hour marathon!

The other odd thing about the British Museum (i did other stuff too, but i have very little to say about looking for 20 seconds at a few buildings.) is the fact it is essentially a vast collection of booty. No, not the Beyonce type, the stolen goods, swag type. Its shit we took from all over the world usually from the period when England was in control of large chunks of it. Now we proudly display it on the wall of a big room. There's an amazing note next to one of the freeze, high relief carved figures in the Parthenon room which says "here a man fights a centaur, both heads have been removed and are kept in Greece." That's not the exact wording, but i read this phrase on a few headless/armless statues and you really got the feeling that reading between the lines there was a "The greeks wanted to keep the stuff they made. Impertinent fuckers." Just seems bizarre that robbery on a huge scale is somehow ok. Its like banks. Lose £10 billion pounds and you get bailed out, but if an individual fucks up and loses £100 they have to pay it back. It makes very little sense to me.

On that note i hear the band arriving to rehearse, so i'm going to leave it there.

Have a good Sunday evening people.

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