Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Its not Abbey Road and there's only 3 of us.

That's me, Si and James outside Solent University pretending to be The Beatles. Not sure where Jon was. Maybe he was the one taking the photo. Pre-gig hanging around can be a dull time and i always told myself i'd use it wisely, maybe read more, get a 'learn a language' CD and listen to it, but no we just sit, talk, and wait for our turn to soundcheck then play. Oh and we take the odd silly picture.
I wonder what other bands do to fill the time. All the bands often disappear off in different directions before a show so i have no way of knowing, for all i know they can all speak 5 languages and can recite War and Peace word for word, but somehow i think its more likely they find their own zebra crossing and mess about too.
A live webcam showing the famous crossing. Tourists all day doing what you got to do.

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