Friday, 24 June 2011

Being a singer and being ill.

I never wanted to be a singer, i grew up totally in love with guitars and pretty much ignored the vocals in all the bands i was into. Only when i began writing songs and the singer of my first band left did i end up stood at the mic. I had written everything for a few songs, tried to find a singer and failed so just gave it a go. I was terrible, but i was into it in the sense that i cared about how the song was delivered so i suppose i had some feeling behind it. Over the years i avoided recording myself singing as much as possible and regret my lax attitude to self improvement as only now do i feel i am totally finding my voice and its still a bit out of control a lot of the time. I can't imagine just playing guitar and not singing now on songs i'd written, however i'd happily play just about anything if it was on someone else's music.
The one thing i never thought of when i fist stepped up to the mic was what added responsibility it'd come with. Namely in keeping in shape. I don't mean physically fit like an athlete, but in terms of illness. You can play drums with a cold and you can sing live with a cold, but you can't record. If you have anything worse than a cold it can be even worse for your voice. Invariably illness strikes in the studio and with vocals tending to be done at the end of sessions it means you have had plenty of time to:
1. Sit in an air conditioned room for a week.
2. Eat shit food
3. Smoke too much
4. Not get enough sleep
5. Have a higher state of anxiety

All these things contribute to that slight "oh shit i'm getting ill" feeling on the night before you have to start singing. And really there is nothing you can do. This isn't even taking into account Sod's Law (Murphy's Law for our American cousins) which would fuck you anyway.
Luckily we live in an age where recording gear is cheap and easily available so i prefer to record vocals at home, but that doesn't mean i'm not frustrated right now that i have 3 songs sat there, fully recorded except for my singing and i'm ill! I want to get these tracks done!

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