Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Photos and the art of split second timing

Doing band photos is a total necessity. Especially when you consider how much we use them to judge as I'm as guilty as the next guy of looking at a band photo and judging how good they are going to be. With that in mind we planned a (totally pressure-less) photoshoot out by this gypsy church i found whilst walking round the countryside one time.
Ok, so you get there and the sun decides to hide and then the flash that was working like a dream back in the photographer's studio is no longer working, but this is art and these difficulties can be the mother of invention. What can never be controlled is the split second between a great photo and a terrible one. You look back through the shoot and there are some pictures literally a 10th of a second apart, but one is perfect except for a blinking bassist, then the next is perfect except for a stray lock of hair over the drummer's eyes. In the world of digital it really doesn't matter as everyone just takes 2000 photos and then you can easily find something halfway decent, but it does make me wonder how they did it back in the day with film. Expensive film at that. Maybe the bands were just way better at not blinking.
Its the same with music where these seemingly meaninglessly short measures of time make the difference between a great take or one that sounds like a total amateur. Then again modern technology fixes that too....so maybe bands in the past could all play in time for the length of a whole song AND keep their eyes open with a bright flash. And you thought Status Quo were boring fuckers right?

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