Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Lost Souls Club Head East & Down Under - Tour Diary Part 3

Day 6.

Showcase day.

As i said before One Movement in Perth is an industry event as well as a regular festival, a bit like SXSW in Texas or The Great Escape in Brighton.  We weren't showcasing until 11.30 pm so got a chance to watch Mike, AKA Passenger, a new friend of ours, play a great one man set. This was followed by the band Boys Boys Boys. 3 girls up front singing, doing cheesey dance moves and two guys rocking out at the back sounding a bit like The Gossip, but with more Beach Boys influence. Brighton would LOVE them.

Eventually we hit the stage and i have to say i think its the best we had ever played, so without being over the top i want to say i was really proud of me and the boys. There were one or two issues as there always are during a gig, the main one for me being that the drum riser stuck out a long way onto stage so everytime i stepped away from the mic i took a tumble, even just reaching for my water between songs. I tell myself it just added to the vibe and we sweated our way through an intense half hour or so. The pressure was released so celebrations got messy and confusing as we made our way to the main rock club in town to be greeted by BRMC's 'Love Burns' being played and a pile of free drinks vouchers shoved into my hand by the friendly bar-maid who'd showed me around town the day before. Perth is the most expensive place we have ever been so we got to look flash 'buying' people drinks. For those who know me they'll recognise this as a very rare sight. After this point in the tale i refer you to what i said in Part One about this being the edited, Disney account of our tour. If you want to know the gorey details you'll have to ask in person.

Day 7.

Festival day.

The celebrations after the show the night before had taken their toll on us all, but James looked the worse for wear as we drove down to the Esplanade where the festival was being held. I have known James for years, but have always seen him as a sensible, cool customer ready to be the voice of reason. Turns out there's 2 sides to this boy...Good James and Bad Jim. There is no middle ground and Good James was currently cursing Bad Jim's reckless abuse of his body the night before. 

Other than the bleary eyes and lack of sleep today felt like it was going to be a good day and the sun was shining on the main festival arena as it began to fill up for the day. Being pale English boys afraid of sunlight the amount of flesh on display kept us occupied until we got round to loading gear into the area behind the Big Top stage we were to play on.

Last night's industry showcase was high pressure but today is just about doing what we do..making noise and having fun. There's still some pre show nerves, but we were feeling pretty relaxed by this time and just enjoyed ourselves on stage. Its odd when some of our songs have such a dark, personal meaning to think about enjoying it as such, but thats what it is. Its a musician's cliche but for me the whole thing is about living in the moment, forgetting what happened right before and what is coming up and just living the song as it swirls around us. As we slammed into the last riff of Romeo it did cross my mind that this was the end out our little adventure and i happened to see some of the Sydneysiders we’d been running around with down the front and felt a little sad.  What a girl. To highlight to poignancy of the moment Good James threw up Bad Jim's dignity at the end of the set right onto his pedalboard. 

After the show we did some signing in the merch tent, watched loads of bands on the main stage and i have to mention British India who were just incredible.  An Aussie band called The Jezabels seemed to be the hot ticket of the night and i stuck around to see why. Somehow like Kate Bush and Fleetwood Mac at once, but just cooler than either i was pretty blown away. The night ended with me getting totally lost on the way back to our room and walking way further than my weary legs wanted to carry me.  My shoes were bought for cool, not for comfort and my folly jolted me with a wince of pain every step of the way. 

Last day.

There’s nothing as shitty as packing to go home from a trip and this was no exception. Everyone was feeling pretty glum as we tidied up and got out of our room before going back to the festival for interviews, photos and to watch a few bands. The weather turned nasty to fit the mood and as we’d packed nothing to cope with the cold just huddled together, soaked from being caught in the rain and waited for our bus back to the airport. Somehow i'd lost my food pass and had to beg to get fed and i want to thank one of the staff backstage here for taking pity on me. I was just coming down with whatever illness Jon had brought with him on the plane and was feeling pretty sorry for myself. After killing time and wondering how Perth suddenly got so cold we said goodbye to new friends, wished Australia farewell and settled down to the brutal journey home.

Films watched:

Robin Hood: Hollywood seems to think you can march from Nottingham to the South coast of England in 5 minutes. Other than that its not too bad, but pretty much what you’d expect. No Bryan Adams song this time though. 6/10

One Week: This was amazing and moving. I had a tear in my eye all the way home after watching this film. A slow moving road trip film based in Canada where nothing much  happens, but you just have to see it. If it got my little tin chest echoing with the faint, distant sound of a pulse it MUST be good. 9/10

So that was it. We got home, fell into bed and woke up wishing to go do it all again right away. I think i may have missed a day out somewhere, but you get the idea. Oh and check out the photos on our facebook page to go with this little diary. 

Until next time,


James onstage at One Movement.

One Movement
Jon onstage at One Movement.

Post gig signing at One Movement.

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