Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Lost Souls Club Head East & Down Under - Tour Diary Part 2.

Day 3.

Still in Bejing we were up early after not sleeping a wink due to the time differences and knowledge that we just HAD to get some sleep before travelling again. Typical. We said goodbye to Paul , our guide and set off for Australia.
Planes these days are like a flying entertainment mecca and seeing as i rarely watch films at home i took the chance to watch whatever i could. Here are my reviews of the films watched so far.

Kick Ass: Surprisingly moving film. But to get the girl the main guy has to become an international crime fighting icon, risk his life many times over and pretend to be gay. Not sure that was the intended message. 7/10

Hot Tub Time Machine: Ridiculous, but fun. Best line in the film was “are we raping?”. Its all in the timing, worth seeing for that part alone.  8/10 just because i love time travel films, but its no Back To The Future.

Twilight: I tried to watch this but somehow i lost interest after about 5 minutes. I guess i'm not as much of a girl as i thought.

We touch down in Perth, get a lift to where we're staying and head out for a beer. Note to travellers to Perth, 1am on a Tuesday night is not the time to be looking for fun. We meet just one person and he offers to smash our faces in. Go go crystal meth head. We admit defeat and retire to our quarters.

Day 4.

We awake to classic Australian sunshine with not one cloud in the sky. Mark and Athena are already at the industry conference that runs as part of the One Movement festival so we head off into town to see what’s what.  After dying a couple of times over (English vampires melt in the sun) we reach the river and expect a bustling water front bar and restaurant complex. Instead its dead and we can’t help but think Perth is missing a trick here. For Perth people reading this you need to get in on that action and you’d make a fortune down there on the waterfront, i swear! Open a decent bar, have some crazy golf, maybe a ‘dodge the jellyfish’ paddling pool and you’d make a killing. 15% entrepreneur cheques made out to Mr Jonathan Tufnell Esquire please.

After grabbing as much free food from the conference buffet as we can we head to the meet & greet drinks event and make friends with our partners in crime for the rest of our time in Perth.  Three good looking Sydneysiders who shall remain nameless. We’re told Amplifier Club is the place to be tonight with a load of showcases going on and some dancing to be had so head into town swaying nicely and catch a few of the bands. The Joe Kings and Young Revelry stand out to me, but over the whole weekend there’s more bands than any one person could see so to mention them all will be impossible. The night is a good one and eventually we end up with a ragtag group of Aussies from Sydney and Perth who to my surprise get along despite all the rivalry i hear about. I watch amused as an incredibly drunk guy in the group tries to roll a joint in the windiest alley way ever and looks bemused as his impressive 2 skin creation crumbles to a one puff let down.

Somehow we navigate our way back to our ‘luxury accommodation’ and kiss eachother goodnight. An interesting fact we didn't know about Drummer Boy Jon is that he makes sexual groans as he falls asleep. Great for him, but almost impossible to drift off when the rest of us are giggling like school children. 

Day 5.

Somehow i managed to get an offer for us all to be shown round the town by someone i met at Amplifier the night before. However the rest of the band have sore heads so i go out alone and get the royal tour. I’m driven to Freemantle which i am told is the old part of Perth. I guess the description of old is relative because to me it looks brand spanking new, very nice, but so new its like a film set. But then i do come from Winchester which is essentially a fossil in town form.  On the way back we check out the beach where someone recently got eaten by a shark. Luckily i have made no concession for the heat and am essentially wearing my usual black stage clothes and therefore have the perfect excuse to keep well away from the water.

We ended up at Michael Chugg’s book release party down some back alley that’d been turned into a venue. Chugg is a seriously famous guy in Aussie music circles and has some crazy stories to tell. He reads one about shouting at a crowd of Guns n’ Roses fans, “hey you in the black t-shirt” which explains how the book got its name.  I was feeling really worn out from the night before, but after chatting with Jon decided to man up and go find some fun at the showcases around Perth. That same feeling i had on the Great Wall of, “shit, i can’t believe where i am and what i am getting to do” hit me again as we saw the main stage at dusk with the amazing backdrop of the Perth skyline. Its amazing to think these songs that start out as just 3 note riffs in your bedroom can end up taking you and your friends to places like this. If i ever get nonchalant and take this stuff for granted you’re all entitled to kick me, ok?

We watched some more bands including a group of teenage sisters playing candy coated classic rock. The female Hanson? The inappropriate levels of testosterone in the room make me sure they're going to be a hit. Good luck to them and their bodyguards. Eventually we all got split up from eachother, but the people of Perth being the friendly kinds they are shepherd us home it seems, arriving back in our room as the sun comes up. But why oh why does the guy next door play dubstep at 8am? Classless.

The skyline over the festival.

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