Friday, 20 May 2011

Jon vs. Technology

I don't like modern technology that much, but it has its uses, hence my usage of it. On a moral level is disagree with endless 'progress', yet i end up involved in the forward rush (if lagging a little, i mean i only just bought an MP3 player 4 months ago and even then its a shit one) nonetheless. My real issue with technology is that it never works. Really, never. Not for me anyway.
I have observed a particular phenomenon now a few times and it interests me. It is this: place me near a modern gizmo and it will have at the very least an 'off' day. You know what i mean, unexplained errors on computers, phones dying, no mobile signal, just endless minor frustrations.
The last two studios we have recorded in both had computer problems that occurred only when i was present. The guy who mixed the tracks (the great Sam Bell) got me over to his home studio to listen to the mixes and between checking them on his own and 5 minutes later checking them with me the computer ran out of RAM space and froze up. One of my friends has an iphone (I imagine a lot of them do, but i don't pay enough  attention to notice) and at the pub he'll say "check out this funny app" and it will without fail refuse to work. Why? I don't know, maybe computers are getting intelligent, gaining conciousness and realising that on a fundamental level I'd be happy if they didn't exist. I don't wish them gone, but i'd not mourn them either.
Does anyone else have similar experiences?

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  1. Yeah, I've got a mate called Jon, and whenever I try and show him anything on my Iphone it never works!
    Actually I don't really agree with the idea technology, particularly mobile phones, creeping more and more into everyday life.