Friday, 27 May 2011

Cutting out the crap.

Working on acoustic songs these last two weeks with James has really reminded me that the essence of music is rhythm and melody. I know its obvious, but when you're recording and even just tracking a quick demo you can get so bogged down by sounds, by layers and by little touches before you really have the heart of the thing written. Plus working quickly and with as few options as possible (acoustic guitars and our limited ability to play them) means that you can tell right away if an idea is working or not. So rather than go over and over and idea that might or might not be working we have managed to write six songs in two days that to me feel like some of the best Lost Souls stuff so far. Others might not agree but i like them.
The Lost Souls Club is already stripped back compared to my old band and it has helped a lot especially with my guitar playing, forcing me to become more creative and energised, but there's something about a few chords and a melody that is so simple that it either grabs you or it doesn't and i'm enjoying that immediacy right now.

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