Sunday, 29 May 2011


I'm heading to Portsmouth to see the Bandstand event.
Seems someone is doing something cool and taking live music out to people for free. I hope that it'll be a success and open people's eyes and ears to how great live music can be even when not consumed at London's O2 or at an extortionate price like most of the popular festivals. Yep, i am a bit bitter and i think its a shame more people don't take a gamble on going to see live bands but who can blame them when most promoters don't put on good music, they just go for the fast buck, stick on some 17 year olds who can bring some college mates, but are pretty awful and end up putting off any kind of regular client√®le they may have been building.
The old rally cries of "Go support live music" has never really worked so i won't bother, but like a good Brit i'll have a whinge about the current state of affairs. Then, being a REALLY true Brit i'll look back in 15 years and refer to this as a 'Golden Age' and get misty eyed about it.
Have a great Sunday people.
Fill the empty venues.

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