Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The ash cloud. Man vs. Nature.

Nature will always win. When humans think they have 'defeated nature' (which is in itself insane as we ARE nature) they have usually just done the equivalent of pluck a hair from the head of a sleeping monster. Nature, the earth and physics itself do not owe us a place in existence. Our economics, religions, timetables and well thought out sight seeing plans are mere triviality and human invention which gravity, heat, pressure and time would not recognise even if they could.

Sorry, but i get annoyed by people's outrage that somehow in our modern, western society things as mundane as the process by which our planet was shaped should get in the way of their lives. It can be shit, if i had a holiday booked and all the money went to waste i'd be bummed out, but i'd not be outraged. Apparently the owner of Ryan Air Chief Executive, Michael O'Leary is furious that planes are being grounded and has even had a plane flown over Scotland looking for the cloud. Is it not insane that we live in a world where looking out for people's safety can really piss someone off because they want to make money money money? 

I'm sure it quite there's a possibility it is safe to fly, I am no expert after all, but the sky is a big place and one little Ryan Air plane doing a quick scan over Scotland with the results then filtered through a mouthy, money hungry idiot like O'Leary does not fill me with confidence.

I'm rambling, but events like these seem to bring out the worst in human nature and i am increasingly amazed at how profit is not only something used as justification of nearly all bad behaviour by big companies, but it is a reason increasingly swallowed by regular people. 
We live on a PLANET. We ARE part of nature, not masters of it and like all living things when there is a change in the system we all have to adapt. Take a holiday in Cornwall or go spend the money on your neglected grandparents this year and let people like O'Leary work themselves up into a sweaty lather and shout at an empty room. 


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