Tuesday, 17 May 2011

2011 Asian Tour - Entry Twenty THE END

23rd Jan and 24th Jan - Day twenty and twenty one
There isn’t much to say as its just two days of messing about with buses, taxis and planes trying to get back home. Somewhere over Mongolia it becomes Monday the 24th and Si wakes me up to say happy birthday, but we’re all too tired to even have a beer. We land at 5am and i get the birthday gift of our luggage not arriving, so we hang around the baggage reclaim until eventually it arrives on a later plane.

Its always odd saying bye to people you have spent 3 weeks in the very close company of; sharing beds, sharing stages, joking with them, pissing them off, laughing at them and just generally passing the time with, but that’s what we have to do and before i know it I’m on my own again, back home at midday on my birthday at the end of a pretty unique adventure.  I think of all the friends i have made, all the stories that have written themselves, all the anecdotes i could never publicly reveal, all the people we played to and all the things we have to do to make sure we get to do it again and we play even better. I think of all the miles we have covered and how i had never even thought i’d visit Asia as a tourist let alone play Vietnam and Cambodia with a band. I think about how much my back aches and how fucking exhausted i am.
I do the only thing i could convince my body to do and climbed the stairs to bed. 

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