Tuesday, 17 May 2011

2011 Asian Tour - Entry Twelve.

Jan 15th – Day Twelve
The whole day is spent feeling sleepy and we waste most of it mooching around the hotel. I have a bit of a jam through some songs with Si in the hotel room, but the boy has fucked his back up so can’t sit and play. Instead he stands on the bed and rocks out. I just wish he’d been wearing more than just a towel to do this.

We head down to the venue called ‘Spark’. The sound check here had been quick and easy with the crew really knowing their stuff. We’re hoping this will mean a pain free show, but disaster strikes before we go on as Si’s guitar goes into meltdown. It keeps cutting out or buzzing like a swarm of bees if he turns in any direction other than directly forward. We try to borrow a guitar off the support band and they generously agree, however it is a Steve Vai style Ibanez with a Floyd Rose trem and seeing as Si uses 3 tunings during the set we just can’t use it. Fuck.
We hit the stage feeling a little anxious and sure enough halfway through the first song “Your Children Are Safe With Us” Si’s guitar just packs up totally. To give him time to try and fix it i play NIN’s ‘Hurt’ by myself hoping i can remember the chords to the chorus. The audience must have thought a solo acoustic spot a little odd as a second song, but the magic works and Si is back in action. We throw ourselves into the rest of the set and play every song we have to an amazing response. Sometimes the toughest shows are the best.

After we have done some photos with the fans and had a few more Tiger Beers (did i mention they sponsored this tour??!) we got chatting to a Filipino band who usually play the venue. Joel, Cherry and April play covers but also have an originals band, but i can’t remember the name, sorry guys.
Jon with April and the owner of Memphis Pub.
They take us to a bar in town called ‘Memphis Pub’, a small venue run by a crazy rock fan who encouraged us to take the stage and play a few songs. I was pretty drunk by this point and it seemed like a GREAT idea. I blasted into Bohemian Like You by the Dandy Warhols before realising from James’s face he didn’t know how to play the song. I shout out the chords as we go and then we step onto more familiar ground and play a few of our own songs. As we leave the stage the owner, the Filipinos and another local get onstage and ask Jon (Lamont) to stay up there. Jon is a MASSIVE Queen fan and had been talking to Joel about them so this gang of musicians get him to play drums to ‘I Want to Break Free’. It sounded spot on to me, but i was pretty drunk so after being asked to come and play a full set next time we’re in Phnom Penh we get in a tuk-tuk and head back to the hotel.

Jon going onstage to jam some Queen.

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