Tuesday, 17 May 2011

2011 Asian Tour - Entry Three

Jan 6th – Day Three
It has become a first night of the tour tradition for me to have some kind of weird night’s sleep and this tour got off to a familiar start. I had a nightmare that i can only describe as something to do with the fear of a void and how surprising this void was. Not much there to be scared of you might think and i agree, but it did the trick. Maybe it was sparked by listening to that Ray Bradbury story? Anyway i thrashed around and obviously shouted out waking up Si who wondered what the fuck was going on. I then fell straight back to sleep leaving Si pumping with adrenaline thinking we’d been attacked in the pitch black.

In the morning at breakfast i saw some weary faces, our manager suffering with Jet lag and not managing to sleep a wink and Si, kept up with my blood curdling screaming. However Jim and I were well rested and feeling slightly smug and slightly guilty we set off to a place called Acoustic Bar for a Tiger Beer press conference. Tiger Beer are running three of the shows we’re playing and sponsoring us to be here in the first place so now i can officially say i have been sponsored by a beer company. Male fantasy #3 ticked off the list.

We play a couple of acoustic songs for the press then get onto the difficult job of answering questions asked in Vietnamese. I had never been in a situation with a translator before and going from Vietnamese to English, then English back to Vietnamese takes a loooong time. It also threw up a few odd moments where my two minute long answer when translated took about five words to say, or the other way round where my one word answer took a huge long explanation. I thought maybe he was making it up as he went along but i saw some translated transcripts and it pretty much covered what we said so he did a damn fine job, especially when i used ‘disenfranchised’ and realised i wasn’t making his life any easier. Maybe the band are right, i am a ponce.

After the press conference we were taken for our first traditional Vietnamese meal at a place called Brick. We folded our legs up enough to get onto the tiny chairs and watched as he James prodded with suspicion at each dish that was put in front of him. James is not a born food adventurer, but the rest of us tried all that was put before us and i have to say Vietnamese food is amazing, from clam soup to beef and flowers and pho noodles. It’s not that rock n’ roll to talk about food, but you don’t have a big gang of men together for any length of time and not have a lot of time devoted to the acquisition and eating of food. Obviously beer covers the rest of the thought processes but we luckily had that covered (thank you again Tiger!).

The women at the table seemed fascinated by Si’s beard (fascinating or alarming? We could never decide) but after lots of grabbing and stroking of his facial hair we left to wander round Ho Chi Minh and have a sensible night before Jon Lamont, our wonderful and late arriving drummer turned up the next day.

Playing a song at the Tiger Beer press conference.

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