Tuesday, 17 May 2011

2011 Asian Tour - Entry Sixteen

Jan 19th – Day Sixteen
The band seem subdued. This inactivity and constant heat is sapping our energy and i feel some kind of ‘band leader’ impulse kick in to try and get a little buzz back into everyone, but after all my best jokes, anecdotes and general chit chat we eat breakfast/lunch then go back to the relative cool of the hotel where James amplifies the mood with a little blues playing on my guitar. I try to join in on my harmonica, but i’m still not happy with how i’m playing it so vow to practise more in private when i get back to the UK.
I rarely sleep in the day, but i manage a short nap during which i have a disturbing dream. A friend has a baby with his wife, then soon after the wife dies leaving just my friend and his tiny baby. I go to him feeling inadequate but make a feeble offer of help. He just looks at me and says “I thought i knew what it was to be alone, but you never feel truly alone until there are two of you.” I woke up feeling that some kind of wise words had arrived from my sub conscious to the effect that lonliness is amplified by sole responsibility. Less snappy, romantic and sexy than the line in my dream but also more easily understood i think. Feel free to quote me.
We go for a meal and drinks with some Vietnamese friends and I end up on the back of a scooter with our friend Yen driving through the rush hour traffic. I have been more relaxed but actually its somehow less crazy seeming from this angle than it is a pedestrian, but i still get a few moments of fear when she turns almost fully round to face me and say “are you ok?!” totally ignoring the oncoming traffic.
We play some pool which i'm proud to say i won with the help of Van and much to Si's dislike. After being hassled off the table by some Germans we meet Goober Gun, a band with close ties to us who are also on tour in Asia (they just did 10 dates in China) and swap gig stories. Its great to meet another band who have been out here longer than us and they give us some great advice and we talk about what the show might be like tomorrow night that we’re doing with them.

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