Tuesday, 17 May 2011

2011 Asian Tour - Entry Seventeen

Jan 20th – Day Seventeen
I’m up early, i read, i call home, i change some money, i hand out a few fliers and by 11am i have run out of things to do. Luckily i get a call to go meet Linh from the night before and end up on my second scooter in 12 hours and already feel like i’m getting the hang of looking inconspicuous and relaxed whilst perched behind a tiny girl about half my height shooting through the morning rush hour (its always rush hour by the way). Over a Vietnamese breakfast i learn about normal life here in Ho Chi Minh, how the system can work for some, but for others who don’t fit a demographic it can be disastrous.  I also discover that selling food on the street is apparently illegal which surprised me seeing as you can buy just about any food you want every 5 metres along the pavement 24 hours a day.
Eventually i meet the other guys again and we go to the venue (Vasco's bar) for soundcheck, meeting the Goober Gun boys there. (Goober Gun are another UK band over in Asia on tour). The soundcheck is more than a little fraught with some interesting decisions from the soundman as well as a few electric shocks on the mouth for Si whose mic seems to be the power source for the whole PA. After a while things seems to steady out and we’re used to soundcheck Asian style by now and just let it ride. What happens happens.
In the end the gig is great and i’m touched to see a lot of the local characters we have met over the last 2 weeks dancing on the side of the stage. Si’s guitar goes into meltdown again so i play Hurt by NIN to cover the silence, but other than that everything went to plan and the Goober Gun crew entertain the sweatily packed room too.
Too much sun, too little water and too little sleep is catching up with me though and i bow out of late night festivities leaving Jon (Lamont) in charge of shenanigans for the evening.

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