Tuesday, 17 May 2011

2011 Asian Tour - Entry Fifteen

Jan 18th – Day Fifteen

Wake up feeling pretty bummed out after a weird end to last night’s fun. I’m sharing a room with Si and he switches on the hotel room tv to HBO. I don’t have such fancy channels at home so always end up seeing more films whilst travelling than i do at home. Today i get a real treat, but it is also thoroughly depressing. The film is called Sin Nombre and is a Spanish language, subtitled film about a kid wanting to leave his Mexican gang alongside a story of a family travelling up through Mexico to sneak illegally into the USA.  On paper i admit it sounds like a bit of a boys film, but as anyone who knows me will know i am not a ‘boys film’ kinda guy and thought this particular film was excellent. Go see (watch online for free you bad people) it.
Dwelling on some rather dark thoughts we finally get out of our stinking hot hotel room and grab some lunch at around 2pm before meeting Houng, our newly acquired friend, guide and PR girl. She helps us out with getting Si’s guitar to a repair man and with the minimum of sign language and worry we agree to pick it up tomorrow.
After a little bumming around i get a phone call from someone at the company who’d done promo for the Tiger Beer shows. Seems i’m invited to a glitzy fashion show and Cognac promotion night. Interesting.
I put on my least dirty shirt, wear my one pair of scuffed shoes and hope that i don’t embarrass my ‘date’ for the evening.
To my horror we pull up to a swish hotel that has seriously perfect looking Vietnamese models handing out bags of make-up to the impeccably dressed guests. Shit, i feel pretty out of place, but go with the ‘smile and pretend its all fine’ approach and amazingly it seems to work. I get a few free Martell Cognacs down my neck (REALLY good drink and they serve it iced here) chat to some Asian celebrities, smile when asked to by the official photographer and breathe a small sigh of relief when the event winds down and i can relax again. I had a great time, but it makes me think that these glitzy dos you see certain public figures at 24/7 must be pretty a dull and just plain uncomfortable way to spend every evening. Still, if you make your living just by looking good in the ‘right’ places i guess it is what has to be done.  For me it was an experience and i’m glad i got invited, thank you unnamed person. 

Walking through Saigon's back streets
James and Houng

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