Tuesday, 17 May 2011

2011 Asian Tour - Entry 9

Jan 12th – Day nine
After last night’s weirdness i wake up to an unwelcome alarm and remember we have to go do a soundcheck. I feel like death as the illness i felt creeping up on me last night has fully taken hold and i drag myself down to the taxi to go to Town Club for soundcheck.
So far our sound checking experience in Asia has been a tough one and this is no exception. There is only one guitar amp and even that is more like a weird keyboard amp, so Si and I have to figure out how to ask for another. After an hour or so a semi working/semi broken amp arrives and we get on with soundcheck, although we’re soon halted by another problem. Nothing works. The power for our fx pedals keeps blinking on and off and Si’s won’t power up at all. We try and ask what voltage they use here and after a lot of waving of arms discover it is 110v. Not what our stuff runs on. So again someone heads out to buy some kind of adaptor, however in the mean time one of the local tech guys starts plugging things in differently and suddenly it all works. This is weird, is it 110v or not? Either way its working and that seems like a blessing so we get the sound check done after only 4 hours at the venue. This soundcheck isn't for a real show, but for a press conference. So, similar to the one we did in Vietnam we have to play a few songs, take some pictures and struggle with questions going through a translator first. The Cambodian press are very quiet and i'm worried it has gone badly, but get assured it is just their nature to be very formal in these situations. I feel like shit and croak my way through the answers, sweaty as hell from playing 5 songs and looking like a vampire with the dark circles aroud my eyes.
Press conference
The day after next we’re playing @ a place called Spark also in the Phnom Penh so we head there for a pre-soundcheck soundchecking if that makes sense, just to avoid any problems. I’m ready to pass out in the heat, but eventually a day of fiddling with wires, getting minor electric shocks and getting frustrated with the langue barrier is over and we feel slightly awed as when we step outside we see the first of the masive Lost Souls banners put up outside the venue.
LSC banner @ Spark - Phnom Penh
Back at the hotel i writhe in semi mock agony on my bed whilst deciding if i should join the gang tonight as we have been asked out by our sponsor again. In the end i go and after a stop to eat we end up at a jazz club which is a LOT more sane than last night. The band are good but clearly not the best judges of musical ability as we’re asked to go there tomorrow and jam with them. Shit. I know nothing of jazz. Anxiety returns.
Jon (Lamont) doing something cool.
Me doing something camp.
After a day of sweaty rooms, stress and noise its amazing to go outside this club, sit down and talk with everyone in what i decide is the most perfect temperature ever (26.5 degrees according to Si’s iphone). It dawns on me i am in CAMBODIA!!! drinking free beer, hanging out with my friends and will be playing some more really big shows. I feel lucky to be here and end up electing to walk the couple of miles back to the hotel with the rest of the band just to enjoy the surreal feeling i have from being here.

Jazz Club times.

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