Tuesday, 17 May 2011

2011 Asian Tour - Entry 10

Jan 13th – Day Ten
I woke up feeling terrible and worried about my voice. I could barely make a sound so declined a sightseeing trip around the city with the rest of the band and a local guide.
Instead i just stayed in bed....all day. It is so rare that i do this that whilst i knew it was the best thing for me to do i just felt guilty. Here i was in Cambodia spending the day in bed! In the end though i knew my real responsibility was to get well so i could play the shows at my best.
After a while boredom kicked in so i watched a movie called ‘Gamer’. I can’t recommend it to anyone who likes any kind of interesting plot, but if you like sweaty men running whilst covered in dirt and blood you might be into it.
Eventually Si, who i’m sharing the room with, returns from his day out. Turns out he got to meet an elephant, something i admit i was a little disappointed at not getting to do, but i was feeling a little better. Apparently this elephant was rescued when really young as he was in a bad way. The guy who rescued him has looked after him ever since and they have been best buddies for 15 years. Or was it 50 years? Either way, a long time. I think i’d find it easier to maintain long term friendships if they couldn’t speak, could carry me everywhere and managed ot make me money just by standing there.
Anyone up on world news might remember the terrible disaster that struck in Cambodia in late 2010. During a huge festival people panicked and stampeded killing hundreds.http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/programmes/2011/01/110117_cambodia_bridge_survivor.shtml
Well this bridge was right outside out hotel so I decide to take a wander over to it with James and Si as i need some fresh air and somehow it’d seem wrong to not go and have a moment’s reflection about the randomness of life. The bridge is quiet and you’d never guess what’d happened here, the whole thing seems impossible. After wandering around a new development on a small island at the other end of the bridge we return to the hotel and i realise i am still feeling terrible.
Si and I watch a film called ‘Whiteout’. I can highly recommend one of the early scenes to any red-blooded male, but after the first 10 minutes i can’t think of any reason to stay tuned. It is a terrible film. Avoid. However with Kate Beckinsale’s butt fresh in my mind i drift off to sleep hoping to feel a LOT better the next day.

James with the elephant

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